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Faze HATE why?
are you retarded? ofc that shit talking people that you don't know is way worse than shittalking someone that you're friends with, you don't even know if cold was being serious or if it was just a ban...
Faze HATE why?
showtime was playing on their team tho, SK never talked shit about other team or an enemy player that they faced like NiKO did.
there's a reason why taco is the worst rated player between all players in the top 5 teams
Bought PUBG
refund it and buy tomorrow cus its goin to be on sale
+1 lets see how theyre goin to perform at the major, i think that they're goin to win it.
that's bullshit a bunch of CSGO pros play pubg, i will give examples of the ones that i saw playing like Fer,Fallen,FNX,Lucas,Hen1.
what do you mean by new kill cam? are you able to see the POV of the person who killed you like it is in overwatch now?
NiP reminder
so a team become tier 1 after being shit the entire year then winning one event? good to know
SK and G2 fans
"shit" before epicenter they had won 5 tourneys, more than any other team this year
SK and G2 fans
FaZe is top 1 atm but they don't deserve it, actually nobody does, FaZe went out in groups at the last 500K tourney Epicenter and they made to finals of Oakland by beating C9, which isn't much of an a...
China killing dog for meat
still better give it a quick death than make festivals where they beat dogs to death in the middle of the street, they even steal dogs from legit owners and bring them to these festivals, these ppl ar...
China killing dog for meat
how cant you see it, in china they torture dogs for fun, in most civilized countries they give the animals a quick death, they don't slowly torture them to death.
Thoorin FaZe bias
cus they couldn't make past groups at majors and also never beat SK in a bo3 or 5
Yung Lean delivers once again!
S A D B O Y S who remembers arteezy streams
VP joke about SK & brazilians
then why are you even replying to me if you don't agree with what he said