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rip bannerino for reporting trolls/bots
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[+18] Liquid steelega
wtf are you talking about Liquid normally shit the bed against C9 even when Liquid is playing better internationally.
Coolest Team Logo?
SK and NaVi are probably the only top 20 teams with shit logos LUL
Kimmel is like the discount Fallon and it's even funnier that 2 or so years ago he was making fun of youtube for being a stupid idea.
Top 5 worst roster moves
"top 5 worst roster moves" boi I said them picking up Koosta was a shit decision
Top 5 worst roster moves
Change #4 to Koosta for adreN, literally was probably the tipping point for s1mple to want out and Koosta ended up being an Onliner
Fnatic, Astralis > IMT
+1 IMT got the easiest schedule in the Main Qualifier and Major
GG LUL Jebaited
Happens when a shit team gets lucky matchups against shit tier teams in the qualifier.
NA crowd
How is it NA's fault for ESL being too pussy to tell some kiddos to shut their mouths or get kicked out?
ESL is going to change the rules that make VP exempt from regulation again
rng, c9 is playing a 3v5 since shroud/n0thing and Valens are shit
I'd be pretty salty if my team didn't make it out of groups and the team considered worse would've made it out if they didn't choke
Luminosity vs Splyce
Liquid ending up beating LG where it mattered, random online bo1 don't mean shit to teams unless you're Cloud9 or are close to being regulated.
Luminosity vs Splyce
Beating Liquid in ECS = good?
Cloud9 vs Renegades
tfw C9 is the first NA team to actually win anything
Happens when you kick your IGL and Starix can't IGL for them