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I'm from Brazil and I like playing CS:GO.

I hate HLTV community just like every other user does. :)
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SK vs fnatic
Yeah, that was rather strange. It was probably jsut a joke, but i doubt Fallen from 1 year ago would make this comment. I have mixed feelings about it.
SK vs
Natus Vincere vs Immortals
Impressive how steel managed to organize the team. They are in such great form, even though he's not the best aim out there, he seems to be a solid igl.
SK disrespectfull fans
Booing is part of the game. It's one of the ways that the crowd tries to help the team they're rooting for. I remember seeing VP fans boo fnatic too on an occasion that VP had lost to fnatic. It's not...
what happened? o.o
LG or Liquid
Luminosity is better than liquid, but this game was a choke from them.
Cloud9 vs Ze Pug Godz
No, but he's the stand-in until they can find someone.
FlipSid3 vs mousesports
Niko carrying his team as usual...
1 win in a bo1 doesn't prove nothing. Fanatic still the best team in the world. I'll only start thinking otherwise when they start frequently losing bo3
FlipSid3 vs Tempo Storm
Flipsid3 is so experienced that I really wouldn't be surprised if they won. TS has strong players (Hen1 and Showwtime), but if flipsid3 just play good CS, they can take this, even if it's a 2-1 series...
Bot Hiko
Hiko on these overtimes holding B was painful to watch.
BR toxic, Right?
This does not mean that we have a lot of idiots on our scene.
Respect CLG from Brazil <3
When fallen team was still kabum, they helped a lot and after keyd moved the boys to NA, they helped again. So yeah, we kinda grew fond to them, specially ptr.
LG Manager
Brazil trip cancelled
You needed a CS:GO drama where some LG members think they're from favela to realize that Brazil is not the safest place in the world? lol