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I help you
Yes but let's suppose my passion is very time consuming and therefore i do particularly wish to interact with many others, maybe including her and kids for exemple, not that this is happening just yet...
I help you
I have a passion about mathematics and constantly work on acquiring knowledge. I have to do it in my free time otherwise I feel bad and I feel like I am wasting my time. I am currently in a good relat...
Can't sleep :(
erik satie - gymnopédies good night
Game of Thrones so far [SERIOUS]
Stop computer opinion
that's not cool, maybe find something else that you like, books and sports can be very nice
Stop computer opinion
good luck, you will feel relieved and instantly appreciate things you have and the time free you will enjoy
Stop computer opinion
don't you feel like doing smthing else, smthing you might find interesting and worth your time
Stop computer opinion
sell it before it gets outdated
Stop computer opinion
well what do you do when ur tired of pc, u just do something else, i play chess and read now
Stop computer opinion
im not as active as i used to bed, just felt like discussing it with people who could feel the same way. i play a lot chess and read russian novels, also finals are comming so i'm studying
Stop computer opinion
dude it's not threw away it's under bed sorry for misunderstanding
Stop computer opinion
very nice i love it would you get back on computer if you had the choice ? are you happy that you can't play ? do you crave it sometimes ?
Stop computer opinion
damn gratz, what are you doing with your time ?
he had this exact offer but denied it, he said it wouldn't make any sense for him to stay if he wasn't igl
rate my outfit #2
jeans with holes, that's gay and ugly, wear smthing decent