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Gf problem
it's true. When we were 15, a 1 year difference seemed huge. These days... 5 years no problem xD
what are you listening to rn
my favourite song lately:
you are
older and not racist! xD
I bought IOTA at 0.88$. IOTA will probably go up by a $ untill the end of the year if not more.
bitcoin is a joke at this point, totaly useless. 100k unconfirmed transactions, 20$ transaction fees. Takes hours if not days right now to transfer BTC and the fees are ridiculous.
fix astralis
apparently the Astralis player's do a great job to facilitate almost any player and make him a star. Rubino did just as well today top fragging!
Man you're so casual :P I invested 1000$ in IOTA when it was 0.8 and earned 2.5k$ in today's QASH 40% rise alone
fix astralis
I think changing dennis for device was quite awesome. Dennis totally fullfilled that star role and they got to finals!
GTX 1060
now was your 970 loud like this from the start or is it more loud lately? it might help if you blow some air into it if there's a lot of dust in there making your fan louder. THough the fan gets loude...
GTX 1060
Can you really not understand that some people are annoyed with their gpu making shit load of noise. The OP has the reference card! You can't fix the noise of a reference card. They're loud by default...
Can someone tell me idea of Bitcoin?
lmao you must be a 12 year old xD wtf is the shit you just made up
Bitcoin and Crypto
by that time, Bitcoin will no longer be #1 coin anyways. Bitcoin has a lot of unsolved problems right now. There are hundred of coins with better tech with some like ETH and BCH already well establish...
Bitcoin and Crypto
I had 700$ profit with IOTA this week. I bought 1500 of it at 0.88$ each. Now it's worth 1.4$ each. ez $$$ I've been trading a little bit with cryptos since august and had some bigger profits lately. ...
RAM Prices?
Dude i'm pretty sure he's not mining bitcoin unless he's stupid. He might be getting paid in bitcoin though (if he mines with nicehash) but he's certainly not mining bitcoin. You should learn more ab...
RAM Prices?
not bitcoin miners. You can't mine bitcoin with your gpu (you can but at a big loss because electricity). Hate ethereum zcash and monero miners instead :P