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S1mple vs device
They are very different types of players imo.. Simple is a solo hard carry god, no doubt about that. Simple is probably also better when under pressure in a clutch sitiuation. Device is more of a rel...
how to gain height
60-80% of your height is determined by genetics, and 40-20% by enviromental effects, but mainly nutrition.. So eat healthy and get enough sleep
Non- Danish Astralis fans
So what... Get over it
Trump FRESH savage moment
Trump is awesome, leaders of the world could learn something from him, but political correctness is all they can think about.
Boring final
Not so sure astralis will win.. They don't look super convincing. Then again, liquid usually manages to lose somehow in the end anyway.
Astralis vs Liquid
yea they've lost some, but still been quite dominant, lets be real
Astralis vs Liquid
whats up with astralis, they've been domination everything for 6 months, but right now its mistake after mistake
If Astralis wins the final
I was hoping for an astralis faze rematch in the final... Tbh, i think liquid can win too, but a rematch would have been golden
astralis ruined the cs scene
Its getting better now it seems tho.. It looks like astralis is falling abit.. Then its wide open in top 5
Astralis vs fnatic
ez pz
I’m so fucking devistated
Its the new thing, didn't you hear??
I belive we can win :)
haha... honestly, they wrestle, its soccer ffs.. well deserved humiliation
Ghost vs SK
Damn ghost gaming.. Its like seeing a mge game replay.. Maybe LE
Alienware laptop giveaway...
Holy fuck that last one everybody knew
respect olofmeister
Yea totally agree.. All im advocating is that faze shouldnt catch a lot of hate if they do end up finding a permanent replacement