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I'm currently on summer break from uni, and I don't
have a job ( Hard to get when you have a criminal record, don't ask). So instead, I've been playing about 6-12 hours of CSGO a day. This week is like my 5th week of doing this. Now, I'm sure all of us here don't think that this is detrimental to your health, but last night I had a dream I was in game in CSGO. I dont remember what it was about exactly, but I woke up in a frenzy and i shouted IM CT NOT T. I assume I was stuck on T forever on Nuke. I also was playing hide and seek with my baby brother, only to find that I was jiggle peeking corners in real life. I have this crosshair burned into my vision that Im constantly lining up at headshot level. My friends wanted to go out and get pissed today on straya day, however I informed them that I have to get my smurf out of nova 1. The question is, have I taken it too far? I do not know. Have I been playing too much csgo?

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