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Heroic vs Virtus.pro
ez for friberg n co
Gambit vs Valiance
lets go valiance
Atlants vs 5balls
ayyyy nt 1mapala
SK vs Gambit
Round over - Winner: T (15-14) - Enemy eliminated coldzera killed seized with ak47 coldzera killed Dosia with ak47 coldzera killed AdreN with ak47 (headshot) Dosia killed boltz with m4a1 AdreN killed ...
SK vs Gambit
Round over - Winner: CT (11-9) - Enemy eliminated FalleN committed suicide AdreN killed boltz with ak47 (headshot) AdreN killed Stewie2K with ak47 Stewie2K killed Hobbit with ak47 Hobbit killed coldze...
WinSide vs FLuffy Gangsters
Round over - Winner: CT (3-9) - Bomb defused sh1ro1769 defused the bomb sh1ro1769 killed 5lav with awp 5lav killed n0rb3r7 with ak47 sh1ro1769 killed hiji with awp hiji killed KlyDeep with ak47 5lav k...
Virtus.pro vs AVANGAR
Round over - Winner: CT (1-4) - Enemy eliminated Jame killed NEO with awp KrizzeN killed byali with m4a1 (headshot) Jame killed pashaBiceps with awp KrizzeN killed Snax with m4a1 (headshot) byali kill...
FLuffy Gangsters vs HEY
Round over - Winner: T (9-2) - Enemy eliminated sh1ro1769 killed moonsh1n3 with awp sh1ro1769 planted the bomb (2on1) nafany killed spaze with ak47 nafany killed hyskeee with ak47 sh1ro1769 killed t0r...
WORTEX vs Skinlordz
Skinlordz all the way!
forZe vs Quantum Bellator Fire
forZe vs Quantum Bellator Fire
Round over - Winner: T (14-13) - Target bombed xsepower killed balblna with awp xsepower planted the bomb (2on2) facecrack killed waterfaLLZ with ak47 (headshot) facecrack killed Boombl4 with ak47 (he...
EPG vs Space Jam
ez for EPG
DETONA vs Coscu Army
that LukN is actually good
North vs Gambit
ez for north <3
ez for devoduvek and Amanek duo