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-koosta +Skadoodle
I would also look at removing AdreN and adding shroud honestly him and ska are in hell on C9 and I would love to see that team.
-Flusha -dennis +GTR +f0rest
C9 Fifth possibilities
Would love it if Ex6 joined, I feel like he would straighten their shit out with his full control IGL. Would make some good habits for NA not a long term player but long enough to have an impact. Plus...
EnVy roster change
Yea but its that leadership that made the French scene so good, i know the nV guys dont like ex6 style but bringing him in for like 6th months would for good habits, good tactic and team play that the...
EnVy roster change
He is the only French IGL who knows how make a game around a star, he isnt frag hungry nor is he as arrogant as the nV guys. Happy thinks he some revolutionary with his style of calling and play when ...
EnVy roster change
People dont get how good an IGL ex6 was and is. He is literally the only IGL to keep a French team at the top of competition for several year and continued to dominate through a star change from Kenny...
EnVy roster change
KennyS Star player, gets the AWP every round and has a similar team built around him like Titan Happy no IGL only Lurk and secondary caller NBK support IGL Devil 2nd Man in/Entry Apex Entry Fragg...
he doesnt shit on Luminosity, he has praised them a lot especially Fallen. He does shit on their crazy fans who send him death threats and talk all kinds of shit whenever he does make a criticism of a...
C9 irrelevant
well all the NA teams have something in common, they all got shit on by EU and LG
C9 irrelevant
NA is a community, they have rivalries but in the end its them vs EU and LG and it always will be.
Seangares leaving EchoFox
Plz Liquid coach and strat caller
Seangares leaving EchoFox
Yea but he doesnt call strats just tells them what they do wrong
G2 and ex6
smithzz has no potential, been there done that. To1nou at least has some future, RPK has been on the team a year or so and has been slightly below average since joining, kio was in a shitty role on a ...
G2 and ex6
-smithzz -RPK +to1nou +kio Kio and Scream entry Shox mid round 2nd or 3rd man in to1nou AWP ex6 lurk/IGL Not a whole lot better than their current team but more firepower and potential
yea because if your a cheater u want to be obvi about it and use it in every match, dont think he cheats but ur logic is dumb