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I'm not calm, but at least I'm hyrdated. H Y D R A T E S Q U A D
USA explain this
It's America, you wanna put diabeetus on your heart attack you go right ahead.
USA explain this
Black people
logic (rapper)
Fact but I have to be a Joyner fanboi cuz I'm from the same city haha
logic (rapper)
Pretty decent, was on Rick and Morty so my stoned ass can't hate Edit: not a huge hip hop/rap fan but he's one of the few I listen to other than Joyner Lucas (he's from my city) and a couple others
im so fkn done with sweden
Rekt Wait I can't talk either can I...
Best resolution for CS?
800x600 stretched or don't play at all
how control explosive rage?
Diamond or obsidian blocks I guess
how control explosive rage?
Drywall/sheet rock haha, it's about 13-19mm thick. It's the innermost layer of most walls in houses in America (at least in my area) cuz it's cheap and you can paint it easily. It's just the inside pa...
how control explosive rage?
Deep breaths, try taking a sip or two of a cold drink Don't let everything bottle up either, sometimes you just have to smack a desk. Don't punch things that break easy like walls, punch the door fra...
Best avenger?
It's SEAMAN not ocean man Ocean man is some Chinese knockoff
Top3 traitors
I agree, I loved watching them. Liquid gets my love now
Top3 traitors
Optic had so much potential
Top3 traitors
They're all traitors lol, I'm just lit fam and decided to entertain myself for a minute haha.
Top3 traitors
1. Brutus (Team Roma -> Et Tu) Literally stabbed his former igl 2. Benedict Arnold (Team Freedom -> MiUK) Began their streak of bad cs 3. Judas (Team Jesus -> Retired, ended up hanging around for a wh...