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No problem, good luck. #82 is a good comment
+infinity and beyond
It happens bro, I was hung up on a girl for WAY too long, asked her out a couple times, rejected. It doesn't hurt as much as you think and it gets easier and less painful every time. Breakups are much...
Literally just ask her in a normal way, trying to be interesting about it can backfire. If she says no, move on. The part that should be interesting is the actual date, you're not asking her to prom o...
Think of it like a stock in that sense, its not a physical thing but you can buy sell and trade them and put the money into your bank account which becomes real moneh
Back in the day some company in Australia would physically mint them for you with the hash code on it or something but I think that was more of a pointless gimmick than anything you can trade with. Ob...
Phone to buy
But three is not four
im 15 pls recomend me beer
im 15 pls recomend me beer
Stay inside and play csgo. It stimulates the purest drug, adrenaline.
im 15 pls recomend me beer
Try different flavors of Capri Sun with the vodka but not the roaring waters kind cuz that's just flavored water. Nice nostalgic twist for you
im 15 pls recomend me beer
im 15 pls recomend me beer
I recommend plain coca cola because alcohol is bad for kids. Get drunk on life kiddo.
God is fake
God devil won with ldlc too. But happy got mvp that time.
(+18) Sex question
No but some people are into it, there's a fetish for everything and porn for EVERYTHING
The ugliest LOGO TEAM
The ss logo points down and the c9 logo points up. That's about it