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Forum posts vs GODSENT
imagine signing a new contract to a huge organization just to get farmed by styko
Daily pros are cheating thread
That video is so funny, do people actually believe this shit?
FaZe XANTARES & sh1ro
Yes sign more players that are just firepower to a team that is lacking everything besides firepower instead of signing an IGL. Smart move here.
Why hate faze?
That is quite sad. Imagine me hating the team I support (look at flair) because they just lost twice...
Why hate faze?
What do results have to do with hating a team? You're only allowed to hate a team when they underperform?
Would you change the map pool?
Don't agree with you. Mirage has been in the pool for so long, while the meta has basically remained basically unchanged throughout. Other maps see much more variation than Mirage does. What do you ...
Would you change the map pool?
Don't really agree, but that's fine. to each their own. What do you think of the second topic, expanding the map pool to 9 or 11 maps, possibly making a rotating system with 7 active in tournament, a...
Would you change the map pool?
That's kind of exactly the point of it. All teams are good at Mirage because everything's been done before and everybody knows everything. It's high level cs, but always the same level of cs. It makes...
Would you change the map pool?
I would remove Mirage. The meta on this map has gone stale, with no real innovative plays being made as it's all been tried before. Give it a revamp like done to dust2, inferno and train and bring it ...
i5 vs ryzen
Ryzen 5, Easily, buying in i5 right now is probably the worst decision you could make.
Favorite F1 team through history?
I used to always support Ferrari, but the crybaby additude of Vettel pushed me away. I support Force India now.
Top 5 AWPers ATM
kennyS device hen1 fallen allu