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xantares kurd?
albanian i think
World War 3 (Russia vs USA-OTAN
you realise that so called "your airspace" is actually international waters right? you guys just claim that airspace to be yours. LUL both sides pilots do the same shit. you guys are the only crying...
Space Soldiers vs AGO
Nobody knows the exact reason tbh but might be about we attacking some terrorists in syria. They probably did not like it
Kebab > sweden
We would if we could no Kappa
Yeah you need basic Turkish in EU or you gonna starve to death.
TOP Ugliest Countries
i understand the moustache but arm pit wtf? Do you involve in kinky sex stuff? We trim it always. For example check any Olympic games. Turks no armpit Europeans armpit. Bad logic london
true true. we should genocide kurdish and arap terrorists. they blow anyway no Kappa
turks come here
nope there were not
144 hz vs 240 hz
wut? their sensors are trash tier. you can do well but if you try hard enough you can get gud with playing left hand as well.mouse is pretty important imho
TURKEY Come here
most of the historical places you see were either ottoman or byzantine in istanbul. its just there are not many more turks in istanbul anymore coz of kurds migrating to there. turks try to move from t...
TURKEY Come here
yeah another 15 y/o mic eater german kid. glad i quit cs XD
TURKEY Come here
swedish and german doesn't sound anywhere close tho. they are just germanic languages thats all.
TURKEY Come here
i feel like most of the europeans dont know shit about phonetics and languages. they can't even group their own language families if they hear them
TURKEY Come here
nice bait hitler. shit try tho
TURKEY Come here
cant you differ semitic languages and other language families? if not you are kinda deaf my dude. its like saying russian and korean sounds familiar