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Valiance vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
theyre bo2. wtf do u think theyre throwing.
Valiance vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
United Masters League. Each team plays 26 matches for 4 spots at a small LAN final. Is this a joke. No1 needs 26 matches online. not even Pro league. this is insane and these matches are so boring to ...
G2 vs fnatic
while he has relatively good insight about CSGO i don't think hes a good fit for live broadcasts
G2 vs fnatic
oooooooommmggg who the tf hired pimp again
North tier RN?
tier 3
0-3 which team
hellraisers and tyloo will lose their legends spot 100%
Zywoo >>> simple pimple
zywoo playing way lower tiered teams compared to simple
Unique vs pro100
Y would valve care about bettors?
Unique vs pro100
As some1 who bet on unique to win atleast 1 map. Wtf were pro100 doing on nuke lmfao
"KennyS is overrated"
kennys is playing like he is still in form when in fact hes been in a slump for awhile. His movement is shit so when he goes for flashy plays and misses as often as he does now he just looks retarded
Underdogs vs Unique
And as quick as he came back..he was gone
5POWER vs Absolute
Sad but true. They actually threw matches back when skin betting was big.
sprout forfeit or no?
compLexity vs Envy
the sad thing is...its not that envy is a good team its that all the teams they beat are either in a huge slump or going thru player changes
x6 galaxy is better than havu tho. Havu play low tier lans and small leagues. None of their results show that theyre better than x6 galaxy because they never play against t1-2