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Am I fat?
GTX 1060 or 970
incase you didn't read my comments, i literally told that didn't get any more fps in CS when upgraded my GPU from 660 gtx -> 1060 gtx
GTX 1060 or 970
honestly i didn't get any more FPS in CS when i upgraded GPU from 660 GTX to 1060 GTX, because my old GPU was good enough for CS which is CPU intensive. But in OW i got way more fps after upgrading G...
GTX 1060 or 970
uhm, nowadays i play mostly Overwatch but don't know if that's considered CPU intensive. I play OW 1920x1080 all low, 150-300fps (rarely 300) but enough FPS all the time so it doesn't feel stutter ...
GTX 1060 or 970
if you are buying new, buy gtx 1060 for sure (there is no good reason to buy 970 anymore). But i can guarantee you will still not get stable 300fps. I have i5-4460 with turbo 3.4ghz and 1060 gtx an...
3dmark benchmark
"problem" prolly solved, it sucks because i have SINGLE 8gb ram memory and even if you have 2x4gb so DUAL you'll get the results you should Doesn't affect in-game in any way, only with this test.
3dmark benchmark
no temp problems, all processors are using boost (3,4ghz) except my friends processor is 3,2GHz with boost.
1024x768 THICKNESS
if your native res is 1680x1050 it'll be always like that. Had same prob on my old monitor. With 1920x1080 monitor it should be like on those videos.
KoN Denmark vs KoN Finland
osqari 40bomb bestest cs player ever from finland.
New Finnish Superteam
superteam finland pick one.
Question about Korean guys.
Favorite porn star
2024 Olympics
Budapest, Rome or LA. hence im wrestling there.
r8 n0thing's gf
If she loves Jordan i rate her 10/10 :)
only sex. no babies thanks!