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AMD 5 Ryzen temp
set offset voltage as low as you can Change the basic thermal compund from the cooler (-10 degress alone) use ryzen powerplan My 3700x with stock cooler ran at 60-65 degrees, with my liquid cooler it...
got corona maybe
bamba cigány
r8 my team
i9 9900k 500-900 FPS in CS GO. It's good?
Water cooler overpriced shit, PSU has low quality, and also you can flex with money, but you could spend it to someone who really needs it, and build a pc with third of the money, which runs csgo 500-...
have you ever heard about cuda? That's the reason why i would rather use a 1050ti than my rx580 for my secondary pc
just a joke, but 9 out of 10 times i play with russians they can't speak english. I'm learning russian, so i have basic communication with them, but it's fustrating.
Ban russians from eu mm servers pls
i wanted all picks correct, i will have the 5 points (mouz north nrg g2 already good, i need hr/cr4zy to qualify for 5th)
I picked vitality for 3-0 and grayhound for 0-3, i fucked up my pickem with this...
Ryzen 3600
I said on all cores If 1 core on 1700 is 100, then 1 core on 3600 is 130 (cuz at stock is 30% faster, at oc, it's 18% according to cpu.userbenchmark) 8*100= 800 6*130= 780 BUT! cuz of the stronger ind...
Ryzen 3600
Not really Wait for zen2+(ryzen 4xxx), or zen 3 3600 is good, but definitely not worth it from the 1700, it's only 10% faster on all cores
Vitality vs Syman
Rip my pickem
Your Gaming-Pc
Tn is not an option for me, because mainly I use my pc for Photo/Video editing, and i need at least 100%srgb (now my main monitor has 100% adobe rgb). So either go for 4k 60hz, or 1080 144hz with dece...
Your Gaming-Pc
1. Witcher 3, Apex Legends, GTA5, F1 2019 Project Cars 2, and some simulators 2. 1080p 3. Rzyen 7 3700X, 1080Ti, 16Gb Samsung Bdie 3000mh Ram I wanna buy a new monitor for this. Should i buy a 4k moni...
apex legends best
Agreed I thought all BR all bullshit, but this is way much better than any of them. It's easy to learn, hard to master, need great teamwork, need good communication, and fun AF.