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Astralis era ended in Blast São Paulo
what is it? total tournament earnings?
GOAT Debate
f0rest has been playing at the highest level for 14 years now, and counting
Boca Jrs suck
gremio lmfao
Real madrid Laugh thread
theyre probably still developing their game but getting 5 0'd in 45 mins is never a good signal
So NiP not making changes?
theyve been shit for the last 3 or 4 years, wouldnt call that a slump xD
Neymar is not a rapist
nt neymar
all phones that you have owned
siemens a55 nokia 5320 xpressmusic some optimus phone (old pt company) random vodafone one too blackberry 9900 iphone 3s samsung galaxy j3
[18+] RAPE DAY
completely sick to the core, its kinda disturbing
ENCE vs Astralis
to put it short: ence have always been a tier3 meme of a team but somehow theyre playing like gods at a major, no one wouldve even dreamed they would get this far. pretty awesome
Best teen pornstars?
gg [*]
well if by quitting you meant you were trying to go pro or semi pro then its not a shame for anyone. keep playing it casually and youll be happy :)
Sunny racist?
still not funny at all, btw black people like to get offended at anything nowadays, stuff like this is pretty much trivial
Sunny racist?
what makes you think people would understand it when you post a fucking killfeed you spastic
+18 boobs
expected from danish fag
white europeans
dude its pretty obvious european immigrants arent the problem whatsoever. its this new wave of africans and arabs thats fucking your country up. they dont wanna work and they go there to leech off of ...