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Sunny racist?
still not funny at all, btw black people like to get offended at anything nowadays, stuff like this is pretty much trivial
Sunny racist?
what makes you think people would understand it when you post a fucking killfeed you spastic
+18 boobs
expected from danish fag
white europeans
dude its pretty obvious european immigrants arent the problem whatsoever. its this new wave of africans and arabs thats fucking your country up. they dont wanna work and they go there to leech off of ...
white europeans
polish people are the least of your problems
Furia is a joke
it just doesnt make sense to consider countries like ukraine a part of cis if you look at it from a political standpoint. thing is most people use the term referring to the cis as a region. its all a ...
Furia is a joke
id agree with you if cis was some sort of territorial classification (like countries or continents) but from my understanding its a group of countries - works kind of like the EU if you want another e...
Furia is a joke
for some reason valve still consider ukraine and some other countries as cis even though politically theyre not anymore but tbh thats how it should work, all countries around that region should be cis
Furia is a joke
well if we re being strict with the concept theyre not cause ukraine stopped being a member last year
Furia is a joke
none of those teams is cis anymore btw
I r8 faces
Top 1 food from your country
stuff youll find pretty much anywhere in the southern regions is prego (thin steak) or rojões
expected, i got banned for a month a few weeks ago for saying NIGGERS once in a csgo match
Lowest rating ever in a pro match?
yeah has to be him for sure
ty for this