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sweden is a shit country
i are think that
sweden is a shit country
spain and portugal are similar yes. brazil hell no we only colonized them. their people are very different from us here in europe. their entire country is a blend of cultures and races. very much like...
sweden is a shit country
we aint but we re very similar, not as much as you and other nordic countries, but to some extent yeah
sweden is a shit country
bruh i wont elaborate anymore. we dont care cause when we refer to any of those countries your culture is pretty similar, people and skin tones as well, similar food etc. for practical purposes youre ...
sweden is a shit country
sweden is a shit country
yeah but thing is for us outsiders that doesnt matter much. sweden denmark finland and norway are all basically the same shit
sweden is a shit country
youre all the same tbh
Girl pissing
what kind of toilet is that
Your res?
800x600 atm
mad 12 year old spotted
flusha is a cheater
of course the discussion will have to remain at the "witch hunt" level as you seem to love to call it. you basically refute all this evidence just because he hasnt been banned yet. look, the amount of...
FaZe vs Cloud9
keep your mouth shut fat burger
flusha is a cheater
the clips speak for themselves my friend. and theres no shortage of them, look it up yourself youre probably baiting but ill say this in the off chance youre not
Warmup issues...
the problem is likely in your aim mechanics. i find hard to believe your crosshair placement is even mildly good with such a high sens. 6 @ 400 dpi is literally a joke. no way you can be any good or c...
mmm sardines