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Only bots hate dust2
By some logic, if Dust2 is a map that favors good players, at least teams like Astralis, FaZe and Liquid would be playing it. I invite you to check their stats, the only top tier team playing it on a ...
Only bots hate dust2
Yup, that's why it's the least played map in the pro scene with the exception of Nuke. If pros don't like it, why should regular players like it? This thread can be closed now, thanks.
girl I like
Grow a pair and don't ask for advice on hltv.
If s1mple isn't top 1..
dev1ce has more trophies, MVP medals and overall played more maps so his rating is harder to keep
Happy > Maj3r
Happy is not even the IGL what are you talking about
I plowed one and it's a treat.
Why are people dismissing NBK as a potential replacement for STYKO? He was even supposed to stand in for mouz in Brasil, but he couldn't make it in the end. Do I like replacing STYKO with NBK? Well n...
Just Russian not giving a shit and letting Sadokist do his job. I actually don't mind.
3DMAX officialy back
Lol have you been waiting 2 years for their tweet? xD
The Last Airbender
A giant mushroom. MAYBE IT'S FRIENDLY!
Imperial vs GODSENT
lmao check map 1
s1mple doesnt deserve mvp
s1mple did better INDIVIDUALLY than any of the Astralis players. And mind you, I like Astralis a lot. whole tournament > 2 maps Also btw, he was still in positive digits despite his team getting the...
Issue with the MVP title.
Now that award was a joke. Messi was pure shit through the entire World Cup.
Issue with the MVP title.
How is s1mple at fault that his team couldn't deliver?
Issue with the MVP title.
Because the MVP is given to the best individual, the best team wins a trophy anyway. The idea that the MVP award should go to a tournament winner by default is just stupid.