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If FaZe loses against fnatic today
Game:Rank Guessing.
Inferno Shox Dont really have one, maybe G2 AK p250
Preparation vs PENTA
Why isnt fox and mut playing?
NiP fix
nice answer m8
NiP fix
And yet here you are reading the post and commenting on it, doesnt that make one aswell?
1,027,000 viewers
Runescape and Sims are also pretty good, still more excitting than cs
1,027,000 viewers
i dunno, minecraft is pretty excitting too
1,027,000 viewers
hummm thats kinda of a strech, cs is far far behind lol tbh
real rap music
you might not like his personality, wich i agree is a bit exagerated but hes just having fun and fucking around, but you have to admit the music he makes is really good
real rap music
listen to some j cole, kendick, hopsin and mac (im assuming you already listen to some old school shit instead of only that crap)
real rap music
hopsin completly agree, the rest? all shit, all they talk about in every single song ive heard from the them is how badass they, how better than the others rappers they are, how much money they made i...
real rap music
Thats real rap? what the fuck are u saying boy?
Faze offered s1mple
I'm the only one who thinks kio just did that as a troll? No team will ever invite a player to join that way
Portugal vs France
yes because the brazilian Ronaldo played in the Premier League right, right, right?
Faze Fox
not even close, people dont like Ronaldo because they assume he is a cocky prick who only cares about himself so they use every litle mistake to crucify him