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Torqued vs Complexity
This was an online qualifier, but I understand you meant focusing on qualifying for LAN
and now? 2-11 to 18-19
Odense vs Faceit Grind
interesting team names
what is the thing brazilians always say? CRY IS FREE
tl;dr flusha won 3 majors with fnatic, 1x mvp - dhw13, wasnt igl
The three majors fnatic won were: Dreamhack Winter 2013 -flusha, pronax, devilwalk, schneider, jw (cArn coaching) Esl One Katowice 2015 -flusha, pronax, jw, olofmeister, krimz (devilwalk coaching) Esl...
NiP vs Cloud9
https://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=bucharest+to+cologne+flight&meta=&gws_rd=ssl a whole 3 hours :O what a long flight....
Epsilon vs North Academy
its owen "sm00ya"
Icarus Fell 0.00
the icarus fell has different types of pattern on it, which affect value, as well as float... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=486413377
Renegades vs Immortals
no stream, because this was supposed to play yesterday but operation postponed it. Because of this they are playing it off stream. Watch the scorebot...
United fans come here
I still don't think a benelux league would provide the same amount of cashflow as the BPL. Its based upon viewership -> ad revenue -> tv licensing. Are more people going to watch a benelux league or B...
United fans come here
The money difference isn't due to your history, English Premier League team receive a minimum of 100M£ per year, whereas Eredivisie teams only get around 8-10M£ per year due to tv rights. Even if you ...
Made my first million AMA
its a meme, search hltv dj 32k$/month ... pretty funny when it was original tbh
Red Reserve vs fnatic Academy
gg lmao maikel standin > xajdish
Dignitas vs Virtus.pro
never bet on VP online. Thats been the golden rule since 2014...