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Poland GG
You envy Poland that in the last 30 years Poland has managed to achieve a state that has to be reckoned with, and in Lithuania is a technological backwardness and a much worse economy and all.
ez major for imperial
lithuania and major LUL
Tempo Storm vs Imperial
Tempo Storm vs Imperial
you lithuanian shit your brain is dead. go be careful if the Poles and Russians invide you, look around there, little man from little shit S - Priwiet Kazik! G - Laba Die ... .echhhh ... you're righ...
Singularity vs Izako Boars
Singularity vs Izako Boars
wow izako nt
FaZe vs
losing to VP LUL
AGO xaxaxaxaxaxaxa
how is lechia gdansk ? You know what I mean? LUL Indonesians flooded social websites after transferring Indonesian footballer to Europe(Poland), a funny but positive action btw. You have crazy sports ...
Indonesia fans - fuc* Lechia Gdansk (you know what's going on haha)
AGO xaxaxaxaxaxaxa
AGO xaxaxaxaxaxaxa
so, c9 have real rules and tylul nothing. zero honor, they were afraid?
THAT excuses LOL DAMIAN = Fallen ?
stupid rules. if someone crashes at 5vs5 it should be a pause
THAT excuses LOL DAMIAN = Fallen ?
he was very pissed off after the defeat, proplayers are also people, they can take their nerves a bit
THAT excuses LOL DAMIAN = Fallen ?
its fake, thorin on twitter write : "It's legitimately pathetic that someone has cut and paste one of furlan's comments to make it look as if he is replying to tgwri1s, when he was replying to someone...
AGO xaxaxaxaxaxaxa
no, it was 5vs5 situation, gruby crash PC and ago wrote stop...waiting...tyloo using situations, win the round without writing stop. They argue that they have already dealt some damage, but they didnt...