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Girl advice
If you genuinely believe that she's the one, one of you two are going to have to make the ultimate decision of moving. You must make sure she feels the same way though, this is essential & you must ma...
Just lost my girl
Funny that, met this amazing girl from Germany! She is here for 7 months sadly :/ love getting to know her better. Find her more sophisticated and engaging than any other girl here haha.
Just lost my girl
It's not bs way to see it lmao. There is someone out there who suits this gentleman better, both as a person & as someone who will persevere through minuscule arguments. Someone who puts in an equal a...
Just lost my girl
The right one will pop up mate, just give it some time! Everything happens for the best, there's always someone better out there. ALWAYS, GL brote <3
CS:GO is dead!
4 months ago, i play mm with my friends and face a team. They play very well at first, but when they start to loose, they play like a shit. We won that match 16-9 and found out that they're just a kid...
Chaturbate addiction
Not addicted, but I understand.... you can find some real good stuff up there sometimes XD
Josh & Jarrod
Rickeh to C9
This is an underrated possibility, I can see it happening.
C9 New AWPer
Night American, Happy Easter!
C9 New AWPer
It's possible though.
C9 New AWPer
I personally don't think RNG will take him back & I hope Nifty doesn't depart since he has a real connection with his teammates.
C9 New AWPer
No one thought that Rickeh could be a possibility. You never know, he did say he's committing to the NA scene after all + he is an alright AWP.
Free speech is dead
R8 russian girl sing
She's gorgeous and has an amazing voice