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Good free VPN
I've been using it for a long time. Both on free and premium packets, everything is fine.
Java programming is life
Dunno how it is in your country, but in Poland people working with java are actually really well paid. Just on the basis that there aren't many of them so it's hard to get good workers.
Java programming is life
Python hard af?
17y GIRL
I have no idea about him, but it is worth to notice that they might have both college and high school in the same building. At least that's possible in Poland. My school is right beside a private col...
Well, yeah. Knowing my school it will be around 15th when the real school begins with classes that actually mean something...
Going for daily college is pretty much free in Poland. We are at a point, where pretty much without a degree you can forgot about any good paid job. Almost everybody has a degree, and people who don'...
Just paid off my student loans
It depends I guess. In Poland we're at a point, where almost every person goes to uni and gets a degree. Because it is free, now we are at a point where in many jobs you can't even apply without it, ...
Polando will get banned ??
But how is it political? There's nothing political to it, all they showed is historic truth...
MM is trash
They do, you just don't know they are Polish. We have a lot of players, many of them won't tell you they are from Poland, because they don't wanna be in the same group as kids from Poland that can't s...
rate the username of the guy above you
Help with English
Move to Poland and enroll into Pasha London School. But honestly speaking, I think right now the best thing for you to do, would be to just use English as much as possible. In game, on some chat roo...
I r8 your game taste
Yeah, it's a series of games that have a really good climate if you get hooked into it. I guess my taste of games is a bit weird. I enjoy games like Gothic, EU IV, HOI IV, the whole Total War series ...
I r8 your game taste
The Witcher series. Dark Souls series. Metal Gear Solid series.
Yep. What about Epicenter then?
poland major without pgl
Don't jinx it. Poland major without PGL, ESL and Dreamhack.