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You also perfectly described urself 3rdie
because he was playing for Faze. He has always been awper with team playing around him. In G2 / Faze he was support player without any strats, basically the worst role you can have.
its just nip and nip is full of arrogant fucks. He used to be insane on unwanted! and other swedish teams.
offical nip fangay thread
lmao, nip is gonna get raped by navi.
Faze could be solid now
I never said he wasnt entryfragger. He was, but he sucked dick. Lurppis tweeted statistics and he had only won something like 16% out of his opening duels.
Faze could be solid now
Rain is entry-fragger and kio sucked dick as entry. Keep dreaming lol, they switched one bad player to another.
Maikelele joins FaZe Clan C.O.D Team
He will join Godsent (pronaxs team)
Why LG is NA
you are just retarded
Will FaZe disband?
lol, change one shit player to another. n1 logic
Why LG is NA
what the fuck is that logic. When you move to russia and work there, does that make u russian? /close
"Pro" Scene
He isnt there to check cheats lol. He is just there to quickly help players if needed (mouse, keyboard, teamspeak problems etc.). No way humaneye can detect these aimlocks.
lol stfu, that doesnt make any sense. It would be logical if he moved his mouse just to right, but he lowered his crosshair simultaneously with NaVi player falling.
NiP lmaikelele
U missed the point. Pyth would be taking fribergs role and maikel would be awper again.
NiP lmaikelele
like contracts matter lol, Maikelele got benched two months after signing contracts.