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too much cocaine mr Freud?
the constant focus on the codeine bottles xd this is priceless
go for AI mate, can't wait till we can have robot woman, that are actually intelligent .
Is this 144hz
you should not buy 144hz because weed only let's you see at 53hz
cover laptop webcam with tape
i don't, and i make sure its pointing on my dick when i masturb8. I love those fbi agents getting all aroused
Music genres you cant stand
ok, i just search, pagode is not as bad at least, but yes they would play in the same spaces this two kinds of music
Music genres you cant stand
yes, probably, would run from the bars playing this kind of music in Portugal (it's very usual), no offence, and as i said, i have just listened some ppl call Brazilian funk and other ppl call it pago...
Music genres you cant stand
and yes, if you mean funk as real funk they have nothing to do, you're right
Music genres you cant stand
i heard ppl call it pagode, still i have no interest on knowing the difference as both sound horrible
Music genres you cant stand
there's good hip hop, just can't think of anything really memorable on the last 20 years... maybe doggystyle (oh fuck it's already 25 years old)
Music genres you cant stand
the thing is what we call brazilian funk it's not even funk. It's kind of a miami gangsta rap/grime super cheap and cheesy with horrible lyrics.. it's called favela funk / funk carioca and i guess som...
weird glitch
you need more ram or a new mouse
Leaked top 20?
Stewie not in top30 ? but autimatic is? hmm
It's very obvious you have no idea what you're talking about.. also, for the artists you reference in your original post, it's also very obvious you're not mature enough in music and you know only the...
what the fuck.. dude pls shut up .. Red Dawn has 0 elements of dnb, not even the tempo.. - this is drum n bass