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guy beats his woman while on stream
dw guys ill find him he also lives in sydney
Renegades vs mousesports
jks has had an absolute MVP performance regardless of how map 3 goes.
taxation is theft
Society is built upon people's contributions towards each other for a common good. Taxation is a tool of governing bodies to hold and distribute resources throughout the society, from their position o...
next era
navi when they get someone better than edward
Best country in the world?
you must first identify the worst to create a shortlist
top 10 turks all time
Ignis vs Storm Rider
online qualifiers need to die
9/11 WTC
rip to all their innocent arab victims
Pro Players Ethnicity
do their brain weights next you weirdo
Brazilians dislike gays?
can't really hope for much respect for any sort of minority outside of the world's most developed countries.
China = socialism worked?
china hasnt been socialist since mao died
"Bolsonaro won because we are struggling"
every brazilian online is in that richer half, dont expect engagement from people who voted for literally whoever said they will eliminate the poors because they are dissatisfied
thank god i dont have to live anywhere near people like you duped by your own political system into radicalism
lol he doesnt have to live with brazil battle royale 2 over the next 4 years. I wonder how much of cs talent and players will want to go to a country that will actively crush minorities and political ...
Dean Ambrose retarded or what?????
how to not handle kayfabe v real life