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Krieg nerf?
not a 1shot hs, change the spray maybe, lower fire rate. fixed
Highest IQ Nation
legit answer would obviously be vatican city. All adults, many with tertiary education, most are multilingual, many are experienced diplomats and politicians via their work as religious leaders.
bernie sanders agaisnt HLTV
NA education
No Americans allowed
Iran conflict
"Do you remember before Afghanistan? When people were begging the us to solve their crisis?" NA Education
the only awper that ive played against in a pug that has curbstomped us over and over every round, godgamer
if your country was destroyed...
We don't want americans
Renegades 0 3 ????
If you think they'll win, they lose. If you think they'll lose, they win.
hopefully grayhound, rickeh(?) can do something with the next minor.
FaZe vs Renegades
This game seems like a "who is worse" challenge. That said, rng has 5 competent players, and faze has 4 players and neo, so rng could do it
[18+] cottonmouth
smoking cigarettes and your worst problem is "cottonmouth" lmao
Starladder lied to fl0m
all these esports related dmcas, org abuse, illegal advertising etc goes nowhere because there is no court with any power to enforce rules related to all these international disputes. If that existed,...
TI 9 winners
you can't be more wrong than me, compendium pick was nip.
norway terrorist
The muslim guy is so incredibly photogenic, he really is the Muslim Chad you can picture in your head.
norway terrorist
Theory doesn't really work on the surface. Tarrant was from Grafton, much poorer and whiter than australia's average. He was 20 when he actually got wealth from his father's death, socially stranded. ...