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Soccer is stupid
say what you want, but at least they dont get brain damage after a couple of weeks playing, unlike ice hockey, NFL, Rugby, AFL, etc
Top 5 Disappointing Teams 2018
renegades billed as best team from AU disappoints when you see so many other local teams looking really good, also as vox they were this top 10 contender team, and havent lived up to it year after yea...
Cancelled TV Shows you wanna renew
The walking dead with the same people directing and producing as the first two seasons.
Top 5 Disappointing Teams 2018
fnatic, c9, nip, faze, renegades
I’m a German, you can ask me anything
why is berlin colder than all of england in winter? also that place is like watching the opening of 28 days later irl
Imperial vs Renegades
geographical midpoint via a terrible map projection lol unless you believe kazakhstan is also european
Scream LMAO
no one should be able to say "don't talk about x" as a hard and fast rule. people that take religious ideology and put it above literally everything else (khabib, scream) all have this terrible attitu...
Renegades vs TYLOO
if you consider role for role, most people think of liazz as better than ustilo and grat better than nifty, so its seen as 2 player upgrades
best meat
bad thread, no vegan comments
feminist soyboy kicks pro-life woman
man looking like hes about to launch a DBZ character through a mountain
US 2nd world country
for real though how sad is it that the US made the 1st/2nd/3rd world model to put themselves first
fnatic vs HellRaisers
Wow man totally right i respect the bottomfrag because of "chemistry" or something. ironic coming from someone with a newer account LOL
fnatic vs HellRaisers
i dont want to live in a world where deadfox is a major legend
Bald Guys are mentally strong
walter white with hair vs walter white bald who would you fight
not all turks are bad
i will never forget the turk i met in istanbul who said "YOU WANT NICE LEATHER JACKET?" then i said no and he still gave me directions 10/10