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100,000,000 $ fortnite
so, i download fortnite, join their 10000 player tournament, hide until theres like 3000 left, and get 20k???
Make a RETIRED team
call it 45-220
why poland best
Poland 1 major, Germany 0 majors, UK 0 Majors. Poland = 1st world????
waiting for him to tell people to kill themselves while casting, then ask "Why can the rappers say it but i cant?" to the audience
Thanks Snakebye
probably the worst career post major win, devilwalk, schneider, fifflaren also comparable, but at least they could still win events afterwards.
Top 5 never won major
s1mple niko karrigan hiko chrisj
Torqued vs AGO
15 in a row torqued really shouldnt play train
Eminem's best song
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Revival. The bars are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of music theory most of the motifs will go over a typical listener's head. T...
Eminem's best song
every song on Revival
end it all
get_right </3
idk how nip is performing so poorly, they have the best player of all time, best player from the start of csgo, a player known for impact in the most important pistol rounds (dennis), and an awp that...
foxj the greatest player of all time doesnt need to explain himself to people who havent even been alive as long as he has been playing CS
Europe is dead
love me some white supremacist propaganda
Just read The Comunist Manifesto, tell me why you disagree with comunism and I'll tell why you're wrong
lol people saying communism fails as if the US has no input in literally every country's politics
pretty sure they did something similar like 3 years ago too.