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Hallo i am tec suport from home cuntry united state merica
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thats true for worst case of how often you enter the while loop but in time complexity both are effectively the same cause they create the same bound
draw a pro and i will try to guess it easy one
Astralis vs DE
and ofc astralis won 16 gun rounds
i got liquid 3-0 avangar 0-3 astralis vitality nrg mouz north navi g2
dad: 174 cm mom: 160 cm Age 20
your desktop main monitor is 1440 so screenshot looks kinda weird
Am I racist?
statistics like that just say black people in general are less preferred than other races If they're the least desired race for intimacy, then it's pretty freaking obvious their appearance has a massi...
Am I racist?
Racism means discriminating based on race - therefore saying "I don't date black people" is racist Also this: How is it my/his fault almost all blacks are ugly af? Their race is NOT attractive, easily...
Am I racist?
Having preferences isn't racist Though excluding races of people based solely off of their race is (literally dictionary definition)
wait 30 years
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telescope gun so 1/8
peak shox
niko < peak shox < peak niko < s1mple peak shox might have been more dominant than peak niko though imo scene was just shittier
I'd guess that its cause mibr already had more achievement points than renegades but way less form points, so getting out of groups just improved their form rating a lot more than it did for renegades