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bondik gained weight?
No, you're right, he became a proper fatass in HR, while in F3 he was a pretty normal dude
many pro players cheaters
"guys fnatic players are pro beacuse they cheated up to the top" "I know some of the players for real in fnatic." "What do you guys think???" I think you're about 12 years old and lying
-spunj +havoc
Havoc is chilling in Australia and having steaks with his gf
SPUNJ's name is Chad. All Chads are douchebags
How to quit smoking?
If you're mentally addicted (like me, e.g. smoking after a match in cs) you can try cutting a drinking straw to the size of a cigarette and inhale air through it. Just a trick I've read on some anti-s...
for you
It's an incredibly boring map to watch. And it's all because of Fallen (then-KabuM.TD lost 1-16 to VP on old nuke and Valve decided to rework the map). Were they not just shit on nuke, no changes woul...
How I was removed as Romanian Captain at TWC 2016
XPC sucks massive dong anyways, they should give a chance to other Romanian players to play
poland during the 2nd WW
Yeah, French army wasn't ready yet. Nigga Polish army wasn't ready and resisted for a much longer time while being attacked from two sides. Also, what is the Strange War? That's right, Frenchie. Yo...
I think the translators all around the world are now scratching their heads and going "well, shit, thanks George for explaining Hodor in the sixth book in an untranslatable play on words"
Get_right terrorist
maybe he got mad about losing to LG recently and decided to take training to next level
worst pro nicknames
zeepax sounds autistic
TACO Cheat Proof
Maybe you're right. + didn't say it was obvious, just very suspicious
TACO Cheat Proof
I don't know, I thought scanning is shooting through smokes in case someone is hiding behind them - maybe I'm a noob and don't really know the terminology. He doesn't keep it at the same height all...
TACO Cheat Proof
His crosshair is wayyyy too low at first for that explanation, you don't start scanning smokes in that position by firing at the ground/truck also he didn't even bother scanning to the far left, just...