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[18+] How My Sex Life Started
Funky read but if you don’t know by the age of 14 that fucking your sister is wrong, then you must be a bit stupid, or live in a society where sex is totally hidden away. Given your dad had a porn col...
Danish bias
Nice Englando, expected from baguette. Kind of *person.
Danish bias
It's usually people who think they know but don't know shit at all. They come to meaningless conclusions based on very little information, because they connect the dots when there are none.
Allu disrespectful!
And then were a back at the fact, that you don't know the meaning of fact :)
Allu disrespectful!
Yes, obviously in your world things are very different but in the real world...
Allu disrespectful!
Allu at his best was not even good enough for NiP...
Allu disrespectful!
Why would you need to see, when it is a fact?
Allu disrespectful!
Only fact is that you don't know the meaning of fact.
Your phone?
Iphone X. Wanted yo try it out. Still miss a finger scanner sometimes.
White people, come here!
Truth hurts :)
Device = Modric Most people who know about football obviously think that Messi is the best. Only st...
Messi OMG!
Haha nice one, thanks. Guy got too much credit when the Brazilian teams that won the world cups were so good.
Danes come here, please :)
Some really shitty "advice" here. It basicly depends what you are looking for, but being a non Danish speaker, it will be much easier to find a job in Copenhagen than say Jylland or Fyn, and in that ...
Messi OMG!
What a stupid idiot you are. I dont watch cs and dont give a fuck about this shitty esport ,but definately device is much better than simple. He makes his team win so many trophies while simples team...
If device is top1
Where is it leaked? You can still bet on it. Simple even pays back 2.4!