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Rome - Very underrated and unfortunately a few years ahead of time. Spartacus - Proper guy movie.
Audi best car?
Audi is the most overrated boring car with patented shitty understeer. It’s for people who doesn’t know how to drive and prefer form over function.
Billie Eilish
Never heard about operas? Don Giovanni, The magic flute etc? Anyway, how can you compare to Mozart? Mozart composed more "music" in a good week, than most modern "artists" do in a lifetime.
americans and freedom..
The majority of them are actually less free. Workers have far less rights and most have only around 2 weeks of holiday a year, where as in Denmark most have 6 weeks of payed holiday a year. Not to m...
Stupid conservatives: Obvious solutions are partly employee owned...
Compared to civilized first world countries, sometimes the US still seems a bit like the wild west. Must be a very shit job to be a police officer in a country, where any idiot and their dog are pote...
Denmark socialist/communist
I didn't know the "Udrejsecenter" on Lindholm would be that expensive. I pretty much agree with everything you wrote. The last 20 years in Denmark there has been quite a few laws passed, that has ma...
Hottest Female Actress
Willa Holland
Denmark socialist/communist
Yes, it's crazy that the previous government were willing to spend that much on something, that was mostly symbolic.
Denmark socialist/communist
It's a lot more difficult to get permanent residence in Denmark than in the US. Same with citizenship. Also literally your whole country consists of immigrants. Millions of dark and yellow people. ...
Denmark socialist/communist
That island is cancelled. It was small and the buildings were already there anyway, so wasn't expensive at all.
We could save 2 governments, 2 parlaments, a few laws, but other than that, it's hard to see what could be gained.
Haha they don't exist you dumbass. it's a fucking vote among select journalists. They can fucking vote as they want. Jesus you must be really dumb, if you think they have to vote after certain crit...