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Baddest man from your country?
Baddest doesn't mean what you think it means though
probably one of the few? I mean, i like apex and kioshima seems nice. but most people have a hard time forgetting both what fnatic did to nv and what nv did to fnatic at dreamhack winter 2014 :)
i wish ;)) but i just see them as the go to team for new fans coming over from COD.
boring 3-0 final inc
Lol. Only close because TSM won all pistol rounds and Fnatic are better on DD2. Look at recent results.
only little wimps and 12 year olds and weeaboos like nv. basically the same people that used to be nip fans.
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
DD2 Fnatic Inferno Fnatic Mirage Fnatic Train Na'Vi Cobblestone Na'Vi (possibly Fnatic) You're also forgetting the fact that Fnatic is Na'Vi's kryptonite and have never ever lost to them over a...
GuardiaN vs KennyS
GOD OLOF confirmed. 33 total awp kills, 32 opening kills. The rest of the primary awpers always get a million 0 impact awp frags at the end of the round, like kenny, guardian, and happy.
flamie is
Of course he is. It's just the retard that is Thorin trying to spread this idea that he should be dropped if they need to replace someone. People take that fools opinion as having worth and base their...
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
yes? i'm just relaying fact based information to him. navi have talked about this a lot on streams too. it's obvious but some people don't know it so i tell them.
Curving bullets
Ridiculous that people are so impressed by that shot. It was so close range that the bullets are bound to hit the target even though they have insane spread on the ladder. So close range they can't re...
....... i think even nbk would be a better igl. maybe even apex. and shox. and ex6ten's little brother.
sorry, i can't stand a team with happy on it even though nbk and apex are nice guys at this point.
they didnt forget it
cant adad anymore.. lol