325 fans. 07.02.2016

NiP is the best team in the world, i dont care how much skin you've lost:)

Just normal quotes from HLTV, enjoy. (And yes, these are legit quotes.)

"Yeah and every American is responsible for all the innocent people your country's soldiers have raped and murdered"
- slaktarN A.K.A günT

"ty NV for throwing against a trash team like nip"
- KennyWreckspell

he (Get_Right) sits like a fag in that chair
- boldier

JW autism sprayed at the wall CT doors after get_right went ct... or maybe hacker?
- storm-

trolling? Are you fuck you?
- Colonel§

"sieg heil germans burn in hell :)"
- dformatioN

"Neo you fucking chatterbox just shut the fuck up and let Taz talk a little bit"
- Jack Roycroft

They (Jew's) do technically control us all through the media. -Spinti5
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