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"ecovice top 2"
i think he's talking about raw skill not majors necessary
Will Romania become rich in 2030-2050 ?
stop stating facts out of your arse, we both know bulgaria and romania are the worst countries from eu when speaking about corruption
Will Romania become rich in 2030-2050 ?
idk why you are this. You are barely over Romania economically speaking and that's because the corruption in Romania exceeds thinkable limits. Resource speaking, Romania is very rich and could very we...
Will Romania become rich in 2030-2050 ?
dai in plm coaie nu vezi ca te iau peste picior si iti fac bait intruna
Will Romania become rich in 2030-2050 ?
nu mai fa threaduri dastea in pula mea ca esti cringe
How old are your parents?
im 17 and my dad is 49 and mum 41 kek
buy halo or not?
its 1 dollar just rent it and play lmao
Budapest Five vs Nexus
stolen charger
lmao just ask nicely if he denies it just fucking go take the charger if he gets aggresive beat the shit out of him
NBK benched for this ?
lol totally deserved
I think he actually changed his name to LETN1 permanently.
reunite with its mother country when
Romanians explain
I'm just guessing. Almost all romanian players know eachother (atleast on higher levels - faceit level 10)
Romanians explain
the majority of romanians here aren't actually that good at the game, most of them probably still sticking to playing MM. so yeah noobs tend to cheer for those guys with flashy highlights. I am romani...