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Unicorns of Love vs L4ORG
Mate, it took some digging but finally found it. Best shit ever. :D
Unicorns of Love vs L4ORG
I have a hard one in my mind but can't remember which teams, was a Chinese game. Best thing ever
Unicorns of Love vs L4ORG
I remember that aswell. Quite some times lol
Unicorns of Love vs L4ORG
Yes. Kzy revealed he was tilted because he didn't get the famas that was dropped for him. I still think it was just a matchfix
Divine Vendetta vs Bren
The odds shifted bacl to pre game odds, where Bren also had 3.6 to win the game overall. Made sense at the score of 1:1
Tikitakan vs Winstrike
Funny thing is i once made a rule that if one player aces in the pistol they get ecoed the next round 100%. Just like the first one to buy scar20 loses the round.
sAw vs
This so much.
This saving meta is so freaking cancer lol. 11 out of 14 rounds have been saved rounds
HAVU vs Hard Legion
For me personally thats a kick reason for doto, just disrespectful as fuck. You can get tilted sure, but not holding your composure is just ugly.
HAVU vs Hard Legion
Havu literally playing 5v4 and still about to go from 7-2 to 7-16 lmao
lvlUP vs Adaptation
Since an csgo update a few weeks ago where it's also displayed in game in the kill feed
HellRaisers vs Nexus
Well they are not wrong his aim is abysmal apart from awp and pistols
HellRaisers vs Nexus
To all my Romanian brothers. What happened to cosmeen, I know he wanted to finish school but has he no interest of coming back?
AGF vs Espada
Ahhh fuck that sucks. Sorry for you but just take everthing as a learning process, you will bounce back