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Gambit vs FaZe
Hobbit 1-13 on t site omegalul
Paradox vs FURY
All 3 of those teams you mentioned arent even close to the skill of Paradox. Paradox is kinda inconsistent, thats the only thing going here for Fury.
Heroic vs Spirit
Sdy missing easy shot after easy shot
Evil Geniuses vs FaZe
Basically a 8-0 Start with Michu fragging like a madman and still lost 12-16. EG hitting low after low
Complexity vs ViCi
If there ever will be an Asian era it would be on Valorant and even there it looks unlikely unless Korea goes deeper and China commits to it.
Complexity vs ViCi
Complexity was just about to go save and Vici runs in like complete idiots ooof.
Spirit vs MIBR
Spirit on inferno is still a big oof but Spirit needed a single map point meanwhile MIBR blew 7 so deserve win.
Thunderpick or Pinnacle via asianconnect
Vitality vs 01
Sharks vs Galaxy Racer
4 people with a combined single kill so far on T Site. Yikes
Sweden to Germany
Of course its safe. Just be prepared and there is nothing to worry about. Just bring enough money to help yourself out if a shitty situations happens like your bike breaking, running out of supplys or...
Jesus stop crying. It's 11-4 and if Hyenas wins the pistol they could easily roll the rest of the game.
forZe vs Young Ninjas
And? 7 rounds on CT is more then enough especially vs standin. Inferno has been favoured towards t's for quite some time now unless the ct's build huge economy early on.
RBG vs Mythic
11-6 5v3, 11-7 3v1. 12-16 you love to see it
Trident vs EC Kyiv