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Mate, would you make the bet predicts for me since you are so sure about what you say!!!! Actually gtfo...I'd probably lose everythhing. Nice try Suarez..
Karma is a bitch...Morata killed the ones who betrayed him. Well deserved real. <3 JUVEEEEEEE
juuuve juuveee
I love how everyone is alredy predictiing Juve to get rekt...when Real just got rekt by Juve. Just enjoy the moment, Juve won a well deserved game. Give props where are needed you stupid fanboys.
If my game goes like that i would react in a pretty amazed way. This guy seemd to alredy lnow what it is. That is a hack, 100% sure.
pizza or cases
LOL, wtf.
Worst Skin?
"Dumb Italian pizza"...said by a jew. Not to mention the originality of the comment. I can't be a pizza but you are still a jew. Going back to the topic. You can't afford it, deal with it. Alot of peo...
Worst Skin?
Don't worry, that's cool. It's price equals it's glory. Peasants like you will never be able to put hands on it.
Worst Skin?
That's i sthe concept you tool...The name says it.
Worst Skin?
The artwork was made by a person who has no idead about what an M4a1 Masterpiece is... and i really suggest you check them agaian because they are totally different.
Good thriller movies
Interesting ones, thank you :)
Good thriller movies
I'v alredy seen it like 100000000 times :D
Google Fiber.
I have 400kbs...It sucks really bad.
World rank #1?
Dude...check the link the guy posted. match the NiP vs EnVyUs games...and your fanboyism pride will crush!!!
Your favourite song?
That's a nice one, ty for the link :)