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1 less dev that makes shitty walking sims, how is that not a win?
VEGA 3-0
Workout for gains = waste of time?
imagine eating shittones of proteines and lifting heavy objects hoping that someone will like you because of that LUL
snax is retarded?
no, but he isn't as bad as thorin states
snax is retarded?
the only way for thorin to stay relevant is saying something controversial LUL i also love when native english speakers make fun of people who picked up english as their secondary language. i mean, ...
G2 ScreaM
scream's and skadoodle's situations are pretty much similar, both of them most likely knew about the throw, but betting sites were unable to give any proof that they benifited from the throws (some so...
Taco father died
sauce? edit: just saw it, huge F
[*] Cyx
[*] he was the chosen one to make ger scene great again
Usa wtf?
i absolutely love people with single digit iq trying to discuss politics
overwatch ban ?
+1 globals can get any rank to watch novas can only see silvers/novas mgs can see other mgs and below etc.
Germans sad?
it's one of the slowest tracks anyway so w/e
fox nigger
inb4 hijacked acc
Fortnite requires a little bit of skill and creativity PUBG requires a lot of skill Comparing PUBG to Fortnite in terms of graphics is pure cancer as they are meant to be different. It's like compar...
map ranking to watch
of course, and you were global when the game was in beta, hell you won the major
map ranking to watch
you can't meet italian players at 10lvl faceit if you don't play there so