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he is used to play all spots jks plays and used to be the aimstar but now jks has that role so he gets shitty spots on all maps
V for Victory
what now faguettes??
I want to kms help me
buy fleshlight and csgo skins and be happy
NiP is back
tommorow they win again and ez 3 teams from legends like complexity and shit
Major qualifier means nothing.
it will happen, do u seriously think complexity will stay as legend? then u have mashed potatoes where ur brain is supposed to be
he doesnt but c9 didnt either, compared to guardian and niko, they were more deserving of a major win, specially guardian
ENCE STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant lose if they face north
Pro with highest IQ?
? why mention irrelevant jungle monkey
Pro with highest IQ?
he also got kicked from the company he created so maybe not good as business admin?
are u circumseized?
10% of the sensation/feeling is in the foreskin tho, feelsgoodman to have it
People acting like NiP won a major
was 4v4 get right have 4 more kills than magisk so it was all evened out.
Nip i love you
20 kills in 55 rounds
Nip i love you
bot magisk yes ok please here have it, game of throws
Astralis vs NiP
so did astralis against complexity, if they didnt win a full eco complexity most likely would win lul
Why are knives still overpriced?
they are not, and thats not what he meant, but for example if you want a certain finish on your car, or expensive rims etc they fill the same function as the default ones, so the analogy is correct, a...