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g2 lol lmao rofl
Do you shout boa when watching sporting events?
KennyS German??
Nobody speaks german, german can only be shouted
your rating ?
Too much awping in valve dm brah
When will UK win first major?
Maybe, EZskins will have rotated roster 100000 times by then
Why do i only find uk teams?
Do the smart thing and learn a language like german or swedish and play for a team from one of those countries.
fnatic end steelseries partnership
i used my german speaking skills to get out of the hell of playing for uk teams. i've broken my programming
fnatic end steelseries partnership
u wot
fnatic end steelseries partnership
+1 can confirm. after buying this mouse i got global and 6.5k mmr dota2
G2 Aizy opinions!
Good awper != flick shots
G2- BELIEVE (Fragmovie)
They didn't choke on inferno they came within the tiniest sliver of winning it 2-0 and imo would have easily done it without the autosniping of NBK. Not sure how triple overtime can be considered a 'c...
Teams Roster changes
Why would na'vi shuffle after reaching major finals?
G2- BELIEVE (Fragmovie)
Rain is easily worth 2 members of nV! :D maybe I oversimplified it, but there were a bunch of unlucky moments for G2, like people getting critical awp kills through smokes and stuff. It all came down ...
G2- BELIEVE (Fragmovie)
Awesome to watch, and I think people don't consider that if maikeleleelelele didn't jump into a molotov on match point on Inferno then G2 would have won this major.
400,000 less viewers than Cologne
This + LoL and Dota tournaments on at the same time