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DETONA vs Imperial
I dont understand why DETONA has better odds. Even this qualifying for LAN, Imperial is probably the best br team in br soil (since sharks stays in portugal most of the year) This should be at least ...
Fnx Bit Felps Fox Mutiris
Fox is really good imo. Not as good as fnx or felps, but still a beast. Mutiris I always felt like he isnt good enough outside of portugal. He is still young and can be a beast in the future, but righ...
Shox is not even near his best level for years now, we had a glimpse of old shoxie at the major but that was it. KennyS is not in his prime aswell But to me this team could be amazing with an proper I...
Top 10 atm
Cloud9 almost won against FaZe once again in the semis of IEM, they are a top 5 team. Mouz 2nd place is too high. Even tho I love SK I would put them below Liquid aswell in their current form, but ove...
longest relashionship
The one I'm in right now, 6 years and counting :)
FalleN AWP Style
to be quite honest you do seem to have a peanut brain if you believe that this guy baiting this hard and saying things like "we are the richest" is brazillian.
hehe calm down dude, they had 2 bad events only (with the full lineup). FalleN imo is doing way better this year, he was amazing in the summit and was decent in Starladder. fer is not old and he was...
I agree with some points w/ you, but he isnt lurking, he does lurk sometimes but he is support, they already said in many interviews that NAF is the lurker of the team after he joined.
Top 10 players 2018
Also, c9 won the major and was in the summit's final, despite being underwhelming this tournament, at least tarik or autimatic should be in this top 10.
Top 10 players 2018
device is playing the worst CS of his life in 2018. He will bounce back tho, he just needs to play a bit more after the months that he stood out the competition due to health issues. but he is in no f...
Liquid, OG and Secret are doing really well for a while
jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, why are you so salty dude? its not like NA is incredible in Dota 2 too, they had a good year with EG but Dota its all about China and Europe dominance
Liquid fix
I agree, and I mean, brazillian steel USUALLY is really smart and has good aim, but he is playing the worst CS of his life since he joined Liquid. I guess he is feeling the pressure, because even his ...
Liquid fix
Nowadays tier 1 teams have igl's that are able to frag, the pronax / ex6tenz era is gone. He would be better than steel (that is a good igl but is not ingameleading) tho. To me the team is missing s...