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ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Budapest Five
Depends on who wants to be more obvious xd
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Budapest Five
I think you know :)
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Budapest Five
r8 F1 drivers
1 - Verstappen 2 - Hamilton 3 - Sainz or Norris 4 - Grosjean 5 - Vettel
CSGO World Cup
Gla1ve (IGL) Device (AWP'er) Xyp9x (Support) Valde (Lurker / entry) k0nfig (Lurker / entry) Dupreeh and Magisk as potential candidates for the lurker and entry roles :)))) (Didn't wanna make a comple...
1.6 was a better esport
I feel like i agree with you most of the time. But the smoke nerf i totally disagree with. It is legit the only thing a CT can use to keep out anyone and have an advantage if they do. For the T's they...
At a LAN i was at one of the top 10 teams in Denmark (at that point) spanked their opponent 16-0, 16-1,16-1. That's the closest i got. Prizemoney were 1000€
r8 my doggo
100T scammed
No. They play better than their opponents in preliminary stages but at playoffs thay just break
pistol t bonus
Well. When you look at it the CT's also have a higher chance of making the SMG's useful due to them holding the angels.
what's ur sens?
At the gym
Well. My overall routine is School Gym Go kick noobs in CS My Gym routine varies from time to time. I will do legs and most likely a bit of abs today too.
That's the part of the game. NA is most known for doing things like this with Shroud, N0thing and Tarik. Apart from that you still see other players do it. Even though people do it they still think it...
At the gym
Also leg day :)