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s1mple - Destroyer of Teams
You can only get lvl 10 by playing with a team against random pugs. NT boosted.
s1mple - Destroyer of Teams
Godzera, SK - although Fallen did it. The thing is most teams neglet the importance of a proper IGL. Times gone where ppl like Pronax made their moves, new CSGO executions and strats are really poor...
fallen finally exposed
angle snapping, but who is playing with angle snapping? LOL! It's 99% less likely fallen plays with angle snapping than that he simply cheats.
fallen finally exposed
I want to see that too. For science!
fallen finally exposed
which monitors have real 180hz already? (without black interpolation)
SK destroyed CS:GO
SK Gaming "practicing"
But I guess you could code cheats? like moving the mouse to the nearest enemy player (even if hes hidden in fog of war)
SK Gaming "practicing"
the only explanation is that his mouse uses angle snapping, but I think that's even less likely than that he just simply cheats. I mean really, who plays with angle snapping?
SK Gaming "practicing"
saw the clip? I'm not sure if 32 tick can't interpolate diagonal mouse movement or why this looks so fucked up.
+1 good post. We are all so useless and caring about nationality of the winning team which makes us feel better? Get a fucking life or even better do something of value for others and get cheer...
Liquid vs fnatic
1 play = best player in the world, east logic
last major events around 7 - 10 guys were playing the pick em in my friends list. this major only 3 are playing and I skipped it too because tree (even though I won 4x gold the last 2 majors and al...
Virtus.pro vs Astralis
That's the problem. Everyone carries sometimes but it's not about the game you carry, it's about how you play when you don't achieve your A level. This is nearly the same in every pursue worthy thi...
kio was the problem xD
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