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ahhahah what the fuck, im just half way into the video and im convinced this is the best one ever
imagine BiG if
then tabsen will have to pick awp more, which isn't really the ideal thing to do
imagine BiG if
tabsen and xantares under gob b's leadership will be something to look for. Only smooya needs to get a little more consistent
Vitality amanek
oh, since those were written on two different lines I misread them as two different statements. my bad
Vitality amanek
ScreaM can bring more firepower as well. He was doing good when he was dropped.
Boltz set to Join LG
now all we need is -nekiz +felps to get back to 2016.
Boltz set to Join LG
now all we need is -nekiz +felps to get back to 2016.
mx brown vs mx red
and that is only available on one of the corsair's models isn't it?
ScreaM new team
Imperial has a br team btw
AdreN ???
faze yes
[21+] How to stop hating somebody ? [IRL]
I am assuming things are now better than they were and now you don't have as many reasons to hate him except for what he has done in the past. if that is the case then just talk it out, make him unde...
adren to navi
its time for AdreN, markeloff, seized, keshandr and bondik to team up and prove their worth to the orgs out there
Top 5 players from your country
are you sure that you dont want ANGE1 there?
Game of Thrones
the last two seasons were pretty disappointing
Worst pro baiter of all time
thats how the game works.. he flashes for his team too and he gets the nicest boosts because he is their AWPer?!