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french ppl i need u
- 1kg of minced meat (I had veal, delicatessen trimmings and beef). - 3 carrots - 4 shallots - 4 bay leaves - 2 cans of polpa - 50 grams of double tomato paste - 2 glasses of white wine - 400 g...
Vitality vs ENCE
I just arrived home, WTFFFF the odds were 1.85 O_O Well congrats to you Pog
Finland coffin meme video
Zywoo - Cheating
Even private cheats are dealt with at some point, it's a game of mouse and cat, cheat developers are ahead as long as they work to stay ahead, but companies also work to catch them. Also you should k...
best era????????????????????????
Best ERA is coldzERA
Fucking Rich ORGS
You're welcome mens Cujoishere)
Fucking Rich ORGS
Translation: Space Soldiers was destroyed by BIG Clan after stealing XANTARES from the previous Space Soldiers squad, right before the IEM European Minor started in KATOWICE last year. In my humble o...
r8 alabama girl
It's not true, stereotypes are bad, period. Check my other comment #436
r8 alabama girl
Lies, lmao after visiting friends a few times there and using Tinder etc THIS IS A BIG LIE. There are beautiful people EVERYWHERE in the world, but saying that the average in Sweden is like this is n...
mousesports vs Complexity
mousesports vs Complexity
what were the odds I couldn't watch
the world is sick
And you think HLTV is better? Everyone on this website talks like they know a topic. If we had to verify everyone's education on this website it would be the funniest shit ever. Stop acting like a CS...
Favorite music atm
Techniques don't mean you'll hit top charts :)
Favorite music atm
It's hard to consistently make that high quality level type of album tho, I'm not sure I "dislike" one of his tracks yet :D