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Your thoughts on Alex Jones
Alex Jones 2020
England weak team
U should watch it. U might learn some country names outside of north america
Leave job?
Why are u crying. U dont do any work but get paid. Look for a better job if u want smth better. Stay in the meantime. I just left one job today after many years. Stayed there till i found smth better...
Get rid of Merkel and Schultz and we will talk
Just woke to the fact that there are too many people in this world. Stay in your slumber.
I've been watching The Civil War by Ken Burns, it is kind of similar to today. Two sides becoming more militant and divided over a wedge issue. Back in the day it was states rights and slavery. Toda...
Translation of : "Don't care about anyone else." "Why aren't you paying for muh entitlements!!!! Muh entitlementtttts!" "Why aren't you working so the government can take your money and steal your ...
U think they wanted to win when they didnt put their first 11 out and only squad players. Polakian brain?
Germans come here
Can't wait for the civil war. Gonna send these demons to hell.
why asians suck in sports?
Sports are not important. They are just games lol. That is the truth and uncoincidentally what Asian people think.
Sweden - Switzerland
I think Albania is too strong
Rocket League
Yes and yes. Better than csgo. No cheaters. More players too cuz cross platform. I dont even play csgo any more since i bought RL.
Our natural world is disappearing before our eyes.
Human extermination now.
How would Russia attack us they have 1 old carrier. UK has a more modern navy and bases in strategic locations around the world. If they attacked us conventionally they would not beat us. Even 1v1. ...