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Future job ?
U will get no soylent cuz u r a bum.
Trump URGENT MESSAGE (missing journalist) Saudis cut Kashoggi's fingers off then started dismembering the rest of him whil...
Me vs annoying bratty sis diet
Sounds like the title of an incest vid.
Ben Shapiro
Yes. (((Ben Shapiro))) isn't even worth one of Alex Jone's pubes.
Bashar al assad
Were you a respected eye surgeon? Did you keep Lebanon in Syria's orbit? Did you marry a girl as sexy as Asma al-Assad? Did you save your country from a Western backed uprising and an invasion of West...
Obviously his gf grimes had some influence on him. Which is nice. If she recommended it to him there is probably some credibility there. He is probably not a weeb i hope. Just liked that film.
escape the hamsterwheel?
Work hard. Retire early. Sit on ur arse all day doing drugs.
Why are people racist?
Cuz some individual's behaviour and culture can inform you on another member from the same group.
Sell my house and move to another country.
USA cucked by Saudis Saudis offered oil exploration rights to the UK first but we fucked up. Saudis sold oil exploration rights and concessions to the USA and th...
Ben Shapiro
Fuck that zionist piece of shit.
Nt leftist
Hook me up with some meth czechia
Trump URGENT MESSAGE (missing journalist)
Corrupt government backed by neo-nazis who gained power through a coup. Armed and financed by Israel (ISRAEL ARMS NEO-NAZIS U GULLIBLE GOYS) and NATO at the behest of the USA. Yup. True to the formu...
Trump URGENT MESSAGE (missing journalist)
All America's allies are just a gang of the lowest, most degenerate criminals. When Obama was in power he at least had more control. He had Saudis on a short leash and he did not support Netanyahu. Bu...