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You must be here because I rustled your jimmies, correct?
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Renegades vs NRG
Why the fuck would you ever bet on RNG Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
FaZe vs Grayhound
A really tough battle for the boys but hopefully they can pull it off. This tournament has shown that anything can happen, I remain hopeful! Let's go!!
AU teams
it sucks for us because we're in the middle of NOWHERE, whereas NA, EU etc. can attend lots of tournaments with a deep skill pool and improve. all we have here is other teams to scrim against hahaha
AU teams
how else are they supposed to improve? dont watch the games if it hurts your feelings. and stop betting lmao
NRG vs Renegades
because he's one of the boys
OpTic vs Renegades
He is one of the boys so yes he is
Renegades vs Splyce
lets go, up the bois!
baitzera is mad
oh look a toxic Brazilian, so what's new?
FaZe vs Renegades
Took Faze to 13 rounds in a map everyone was sure they would get destroyed. Its looking good for the boys to be honest. Let's hope they only improve from now!
HellRaisers vs Renegades
USTILO playing out of his mind wtf
HellRaisers vs Renegades
Relax dude and enjoy some CSGO! I can guarantee that USTILO is a better player than you and I highly doubt your shitty opinion bothers him :) Like I said, sit back, grab a beer and enjoy a good match...
HellRaisers vs Renegades
This guy hates RNG so much. he must have bet on HR Dont cry big boy!
Liquid vs Virtus.pro
i don't think you're understanding me. 'for a change' meant that they always seem to lose. so to finally win would be a change. do you not get that?
Liquid vs Virtus.pro
anyone else just feel bad for VP now? lmao i just want them to win for a change hahaha
Renegades vs fnatic
why is JW playing like such a fucking spastic?