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OpTic vs BIG
Couldn't they try to finish 4v5 or with ruggah playing?
Vitality vs Sprout
Nordavind vs forZe
"forZe, guys.. You were supposed to lose this game!" "But we wanna win this cup! We want that prize money!" "Our contract says that you have to follow the script we give you before each game." "F*ck t...
Renegades vs ENCE
Yep, it's like the old EPL system. The first team picks three maps & ranks them from the one they want to play most to the one they want to play least. Then, without knowing which three maps have been...
Renegades vs ENCE
I hope the absence of Grat won't affect Renegades too much.
Thoughts on low tier jobs?
Everyone is unique, everyone has their own imagination of a satisfying & happy life. You shouldn't judge anyone else just because you yourself think you would do it differently. As long as a person is...
Grayhound vs Alpha Red
Oh, then I got this one wrong. My bad, I'm sorry! Have a nice day. :)
Grayhound vs Alpha Red
Sure, you're right. But offering higher odds on games like these would just be dumb from them as it's pretty much a guaranteed win for Grayhound which means it's a guaranteed loss for the bookmakers.
Grayhound vs Alpha Red
Of course these odds aren't worth to bet on, but why would bookmakers give you higher odds for a game that is almost impossible to lose for Grayhound? They want to make money themselves, not lose it.
BOOT-d[S] vs Grayhound
No problem, no need to apologize!
BOOT-d[S] vs Grayhound
Sweden is in another timezone than Turkey, for him it's at 20:10.
eUnited vs Denial
Is this some kind of bad joke?
Valiance vs AVANGAR
Astralis vs NiP
Because chain logic never works. These are still completely different teams.
ENCE vs Renegades