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It will be tuesday after this weekend. No LANs for 3-4 weeks. A big update is coming. Remember I told you this.
What did your country gave the world?
He's 12, what do you expect
EU Takeover
Except the other guy started it. I stated a fact, and he brought my country into it. Sorry if your 3rd world brain can't understand the situation correctly.
EU Takeover
Ye cause canada is relecant in CS. Your ebst player is Shroud, who can only play in pugs and stream 12 hours a day. Where as us British actually win LANs, and have won the biggest prize money in th...
EU Takeover
The only chance NA have of winning anything, is if European players move there. Just tells you everything you need to know about how low skilled Muricans are at everything.
Church of HLTV
you're trying way too hard.
God doesnt exist
It's been stated many times, and continuously proven that God didn't create the world, or the universe. Do you even realize how big the universe is? It's not even possible, because it's something bigg...
This site so toxic
You don't even know what toxic means. It's to do with a team mate that rages at you, complaining about your wrongs, and not giving constructive criticism. It's nothing to do with trash talking the ...
Did a American team ever won a international tournament in CS?
Your country is shit at everything, except fast food. You think you're good at basketball/baseball, but you don't even play international teams. No one plays American football, cause its for fucki...
new operation tomorrow
Save this page for next tuesday, and thank me then.
new operation tomorrow
It will be out next tuesday I bet my house on it. No LANs for 3-4 weeks after this weekend, big changes are coming next tuesday.
jOELZ best
They claim Russia blocked wikipedia
Screamer, don't open
jOELZ best
wasn't a joke
jOELZ best
If this is on LAN, then RiP your skins. Joelz will dodge the match.