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Joker Movie
It was pretty good. I agree it's a bit overhyped as a whole, but Joaquin did a fantastic job, He carried that movie imo
Pc help urgent
Depending on your mobo, there should be a code being displayed on it once it fails ( something like this: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/QPbjAWJiaRE/maxresdefault.jpg ).. Once you get that code, you can refer...
Pc help urgent
Does it power on but never post and just sit there? Or does it turn itself off?
It provides more specificity, but there's no indication that it will have a performance impact in CSS. On the contrary, it might even be less performant. Based on my understanding, browsers eliminate...
snatchie x-ray? spectator bug?
If I'm not mistaken, the dead bodies are rendered client side so there's no guarantee what you see in spectator mode is what the player is seeing. I could be wrong, but that's how I've always understo...
Help: Piano Learning
One word, practice. Getting a teacher will likely be the fastest way as they'll be able to help you make the most of your practice time, guide you on what/how to practice, and help get rid of bad habi...
Programers / Pyrthon / Beginer
Short answer, yes. Although how you implement it really boils down to what you're trying to do.
Jerking off your siamese twin
LMAO that ending
Trump impeachment
Definitely 0 chance he's actually convicted, but it wouldn't surprise me if they actually move forward with the impeachment process.
What language you start with is unimportant. You can learn basic fundamentals/principles and apply them to numerous languages. Once you know the basics, the best way to improve is to practice and actu...
Girl problem
She went just about as far as most women are going to go. Either make your move (and live with it if you misjudged the situation), or accept the fact that there's nothing between you. Simple as that.
when flick, 180º
I think you're spot on. It looks like you're trying to over-compensate because you know subconsciously that you're putting yourself in a bad position (at least in this particular example). I know it...
gf broke up w me
Move on bro, guarantee you look back and are thankful she broke up with you now. You're still soooo early in life that you can easily move past this and get on with your life. Best thing you can do ...
"Now I know i can hide the chat" - Well, that makes sense. Figured that was common knowledge
No problem here, simply stating a fact