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Wtf konfig
They can be talking to valde but I seriously doubt he's moving after signing until the end of 2022 in OG
csgo competitive seasons
The rank names are fine. The rest are probably true.
csgo competitive seasons
Tbh rank resets 2 times a year would go a long way to improving the accuracy of global players being good etc More incentive to play --> more good players --> better level of players at the top
Getting beat on ur "own map pick" on levels outside of high-tier tournament semifinals is a useless way to compare things imo. Even if in high-tier tournaments some teams lose their map pick, but gets...
CS will never die
Without casuals there's no one to watch the pros
CS will never die
Wdym earlier versions of CS died because of CS Old games eventually die out, the only reason GO didn't was because it got skins in 2013
Coach bug still exists
ofc it does it has always existed they never patched it all what happened is that suddenly valve was like omg so illegal but didn't do anything to the exploit themselves this is one of the reasons wh...
animals in valorant ?
Most of all they keep saying CS > valorant while making valorant even more relevant by 'hating' it all the time
callout period
always open they just choose to stay quiet most of the time and it's not uncommon for players to say info during a round even if they're dead (especially igl's)
valorant > csgo!
did u even read the op you do care about valorant like #8 said
Vitality lost because of this?
entries always matter imo
Valorant Masters Berlin
> CS:GO section
allu joining Dignitas before the RMR
Idk Allu should be done in international teams, let's see if he gets a job in Finnish teams first
Gonna be really tough for him imo Then again we're talking about the #1 player of 2021