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abolish electoral college
oh ya it's an intentionally broken system designed to fool the sheep into thinking they have input by telling them to "vote" for things when their vote actually means absolutely nothing. This is why i...
abolish electoral college
uhhhh there's been I believe 5 presidents that lost popular vote and won the election 3 of which were democrats. try again 3rd world.
abolish electoral college
actually bud it has nothing to do with winning the state. they decide their votes irrespective of the popular vote entirely hence why you can lose the popular vote in a state and still get the elector...
NA scene exposed
says the dude from turkey lmao
Natalie Dormer on hltv???
...you post pictures of chicks on internet websites that you don't even follow? that makes you 100% a stalker.
I miss Sam2k
doesnt seem like enough for such a ban when i literally do nothing but troll and bait and dont get banned
leaf cant be legit
Or maybe you could just take it easy instead of taking offense to everything and getting angry when your anger was the problem in the first place
Xantares finally in top-20 2020?
xantares is the 4th best player on his own team.
Brazil...please stop
Welcome to the world where you are innocent until proven guilty. Oh also cheating in an online video game isn't a crime and consequently has nothing to do with the FBI. Must be hard being so retarded.
MIBR vs Chaos
Stating facts is not hate. Put down the blind ignorant nationalism for a minute.
flamie deleted his twitter?
boombl4 igls. flamie has been fragging even less than boom has been.
Smurfing made my main account low Trust Factor
my guy I've been trapped in low trust factor on an account thats played CSGO since the beta because I don't play regularly so I lose my rank a lot and get mad reports when I play 1 game to get it back...
Wanna lose belly fat but dont wanna lose my gains
There is absolutely no difference
Why tf EG still above Navi?
Because navi has been trash at every tournament until katowice?