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Astral Authority vs Leader-1
How old is drone? 11?
mousesports vs HellRaisers
There was a guy that had 300$ on mouz on e-gamingbets first map and they threw a 12-3 lead. Then he said fuck it and went 500$ on HR and lost 16-14... sucks to be him.
If GuardiaN shaves his neckbeard and pops his pimple he will be on form again.. trust.
Liquid vs Conquest
Shahzam is so bad its ridicoulus.. a fucking BOT would have hit that awp shot.
epic xDDDD
It's shahzam when he dies.
C9 swag
What kind of a name is braxton.. never heard of it? It is common in the US of A?
At least i have a girlfriend ayyyy lmao. Why are you so salty towards this girl.. i mean she's a bit chubby but she is an alright caster.
Superxo confirmed salty because he got dumped by pansy :D
Just close your eyes and imagine a 10/10 bruh
Wait.. im confused.. are u just mentally disabled or just iq 60? How was my comment bitter?
Pansy is giving him a handy under the desk
Highest skill ceiling in the world players
s1mple, he is toxic but the biggest talent in CS since get_right
Pansy is giving Sean a handy under the desk
R8 is an embarassment to CS
What kind of mad shrooms did the developers take while implementing this gun. I mean sure, difference is okay. It makes the game feel more fresh, and its fun to try out new things. But don't make the ...
Next CSGO gun
They should make it so you can have attachments on your revolver, you can equip it with a grenade launcher and red dot sight. That would probably make it balanced since it rly sucks now.. volvo please...