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Brazil, Poland
I guess my point was proved by comments above XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Brazil, Poland
Level of love to their shithole countries is very high so it's ez to bait them
Russians/Ukrainians COME HERE
It's so strange, I don't know any criteria that can make language funnier than others How do you consider that some languages are funny ? All languages are unique and interesting from my view
Worst countrys to play with
1. Russians that don't speak english (called `bydlo`) 2. Ukrainians that don't speak english (called `bydlo` or `ragul'`) 3. UK players: arrogant, toxic. And they are easily triggered. Once I said tha...
ukrainians come here
Sestri vs Kryvbas
Real Ukrainians
+, I bet my ancestors could be tatars, turkish, polack, jewish Recently I researched that 30-50% of cities citizens in Ukraine contained jewish people before WWII... After you know what happened
Real Ukrainians
why do u hate Russia?
Because it's funny to see russians sitting on the bottles )
Just got mi9, u harmed me :-'(
Ukrainian propaganda
Let's hate russian government together, it's funny :-)
your country's invention ?
Yeah, cuz u don't have to write three letters to get one sound, you can write only 1, cuz it s often used imagin if instead of 'rz' u had one letter)
your country's invention ?
Same for Grzegorz
your country's invention ?
Sorry for offtop But your nickname literally points how latin alphabet is not appropriate for polish language Check, how many letters would u save if u had at least ukraini...